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G Shane

Occupation: LTC US Army Reserve

Occupational Background: 27 years Army Officer (Active, Oregon National Guard, and Army Reserve). Farm worker, Heavy and Light Construction, Landscaping, Reforestation, and heavy equipment operator. Twelve years project manager for a family investment trust.

Educational Background: Scappoose High School Graduate. Oregon State University (Bachelor of Science)

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I AM A REAL CONSERVATIVE BOTH FISCALLY AND SOCIALLY: I am against big government but for every freedom granted by the Constitution.

Why I am Running: Our Republic is being dismantled before our eyes. Voting in those that support and defend the Constitution is the only way we can save our country from the effects of progressive socialism, namely: poverty, waste, environmental disaster, corruption and ultimately the loss of individual freedoms. As an Army Officer I defended our Constitution in Germany and Iraq. Liberty and freedom are not just words to me.

Washington D.C. is Destroying our Economy: Oregon needs a free-market, wealth producing economy, that creates family wage jobs. We need to get the government out of the marketplace and encourage business growth by decreasing taxation. No more taxpayer funded bailouts or nationalization of private business.

Return the Senate to the People: The Senate belongs to the people and it should not be controlled by elitist attorneys, who believe they are not subject to the same laws they enact to oppress the rest of us! While others have gone to Washington promising to bring back billions of dollars, I'll go there to keep your money in your pocket by lowering taxes, controlling spending, dismantling bureaucracy, securing our borders, promoting life, and improving the health care system (without destroying it). As your Senator, I will represent you with integrity and transparency, which I am sure will earn your trust. I have no desire to become a career politician and will not serve more than two terms if elected.


(This information furnished by G. Shane Dinkel.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722