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Occupation: Organizational and Fund Development Consultant

Occupational Background: County Public Health and Mental Health Administrator; Non-Profit Agency Executive Director; School Grant Resources Specialist; Private Organizational Development, Funding, and Evaluation Consultant; Volunteer Community Mediator

Educational Background: B.A., Antioch College; M.A./Ph.D.; Peabody College/Vanderbilt University

Prior Governmental Experience: County Public Health and Mental Health Administrator; Appointed Member - Governor's Task Force on Psychiatric Hospitalization; Precinct Committee Person

William Dalton
A Senator to work for all Oregonians

Dedicated to:

Strengthening and protecting Oregon's businesses, education, and environment: Assure state support and oversight appropriate to maintain and improve the economy and livability of Oregon.

Enhancing the safety net for individuals and families: Help provide and protect the resources that assist the most vulnerable members of our communities to participate and contribute.

Investing in Oregon's future:
Deliver the best quality schools for all of our children and build an economy that provides family wage jobs now. Great schools will create a vibrant and diverse economy for the next generation of Oregon workers.

Dear Neighbor:
As your Senator, I look forward to our working together to develop effective, efficient, and responsive solutions. I believe that our best ideas come from connecting and communicating to voters. I hope and expect that voters will be my guides as an elected official so together we can meet the challenge to build a better future for Oregon.

Please contact me with your questions and ideas. I look forward to earning your vote. Thank you!

William Dalton

(This information furnished by William Dalton.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722