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Occupation: Oregon State Representative, District 5, 2005 to present; House Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Ways & Means

Occupational Background: Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Administrator in regional theatre, 1979 to 2002; radio commentator, 1988 to 2002.

Educational Background: B.A., University of Santa Clara, 1979

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, House Education Committee, 2007 to 2009; City Commission, Arcata, California, 1994


The untold story of the last year and a half is how Oregonians from all over and all walks of life have worked together to keep our state intact. It is not just the passage of the tax measures needed to balance the budget and hold things together. It's the work done by teachers, administrators, student groups, health care workers, the Chief Justice and court personnel, public safety workers, small business groups and people in communities all over stepping up to do what is needed to weather the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes.

While other states are dropping people from health programs, Oregon has moved to ensure every child in our state has access to care.

While other states are closing their doors to higher education, Oregon is experiencing record enrollment and a significant investment in financial aid.

While other states are stuck in dysfunction, not able to make the bottom line decisions needed to balance their budget, Oregon is moving forward.

We've done so by making the budget process transparent, inclusive and smart. Your ideas are needed and welcome, and you can find a great deal of information at www.oregon.gov/transparency

I'm proud to be part of this work, and I appreciate your support.

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Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722