State Representative

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Occupation: Health Care Consultant

Occupational Background: Health Care Revenue Cycle Consultant; Arthur Andersen, Ernst and Young

Educational Background: BA, Accounting; MBA, Finance- University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: Analyst, U.S. Veterans Affairs Hospital- 1998-99

Community Service: Big Brother, Big Brothers of America; Coach, Special Olympics; Treasurer, Oregon Literacy

"As a farmer/small business owner, I can personally tell you Mike Bieker strongly supports small business, local farms and strong communities." -- Dawsen Koos, Oregon farmer

"Mike Bieker is a leader Oregon needs" - Lee Martin, Iraq War Veteran

Michael Bieker: Putting Oregon Back on the Right Track

Creating Jobs, Growing Our Economy
As State Representative, Michael will support small businesses by creating an environment where they can succeed and hire more workers. Improving the economy is the only way our state government can generate the revenue it needs to fund essential services.

Education - Our Best Long Term Investment
As the father of a young child (and another on the way)
Michael Bieker is concerned that student achievement is falling while our drop-out rate is rising. Michael Bieker supports putting more dollars directly into classrooms, mandatory performance auditing for schools, and more professional development for teachers.

Affordable Healthcare
As a health care consultant, Michael Bieker has helped medical providers be in a position to better serve their patients, hire more nurses, and afford new-life saving equipment. As State Representative, Michael will use his experience to fix costly inefficiencies in our health care system and support reforms that will help more Oregonians afford health insurance.

"I'm blessed to live in the best state in the union. However, like most people, I'm concerned about the future of our state. Oregon suffers from chronic unemployment, and the state government's unsustainable spending is driving us towards bankruptcy. Let's focus on solutions that will make Oregon the best it can be. Please join me." - Michael Bieker

(This information furnished by Friends of Mike Bieker.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722