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Occupation: President, Summit Manufacturing

Occupational Background: Small business owner, 21 years; Executive and financial positions in natural resource and manufacturing sectors, 14 years; US Marine Corps, Vietnam Veteran, 6 years

Educational Background: Sunset High School; Portland Community College; Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: US Marine Corps, 1967-1973

Lew Barnes knows how to make the right decisions in difficult circumstances, that hard work creates opportunities and that now, more than ever, we need to do what it takes to get Oregon back on its feet. Oregon needs leadership that encourages personal responsibility and is more careful with your tax dollars.

Better Job Environment
Lew will reduce the taxes, fees and regulations the Legislature imposed on employers, giving businesses more capital to create jobs and employ people. Lew will work hard in Salem to bring support to employers, not bureaucracy.

Accountable Government
Lew will work to establish performance benchmarks for all government entities, creating accountability and transparency when decisions are being made and money is being spent.

Support Children
Lew will advocate for school choice, giving parents the freedom to make decisions about their children's education. He believes the Legislature needs to make funding for education a top priority.

"As mayor of the City of Banks, I support Lew Barnes for State Representative, 32nd district. Lew has years of experience as a business owner and he understands the challenges faced by both employers and employees. We need a realistic common sense approach to economics in our Oregon Legislature; we need Lew in Salem."
John M. Kinsky, Mayor City of Banks

Vote for Experience. Vote for Leadership. Vote for Lew Barnes.


(This information furnished by Friends of Lew Barnes.)

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