State Representative

Democratic Candidates

1st District
no filings received

2nd District
no filings received

3rd District
no filings received

4th District
no filings received

5th District
Peter Buckley

6th District
Lynn Howe

7th District
Sara Byers

8th District
Paul R Holvey

9th District
Arnie Roblan

10th District
Jean Cowan

11th District
Phil Barnhart

12th District
Elizabeth Terry Beyer

13th District
Nancy Nathanson

14th District
Val Hoyle

15th District
Bud Laurent

16th District
Sara A Gelser

18th District
Rodney E Orr

19th District
Claudia Kyle

21st District
Brian Clem

22nd District
Betty Komp

24th District
Susan Sokol Blosser

27th District
Tobias Read

28th District
Jeff Barker

29th District
Katie Riley

30th District
David Edwards

31st District
Brad Witt

32nd District
Deborah Boone

33rd District
Mitch Greenlick

34th District
Chris Harker

35th District
Margaret Doherty

36th District
Mary Nolan

37th District
Joelle Davis
Will Rasmussen
Gerritt Rosenthal

38th District
Chris Garrett

39th District
Toby Forsberg

40th District
Dave Hunt

41st District
Carolyn Tomei

42nd District
Jules Kopel Bailey

43rd District
Lew Frederick

44th District
Tina Kotek

45th District
Michael E Dembrow

46th District
Ben Cannon

47th District
Jefferson Smith

48th District
Mike Schaufler

49th District
Nick Kahl

50th District
Greg Matthews

51st District
Cheryl Myers

52nd District
Suzanne VanOrman

53rd District
John Huddle

54th District
Judy Stiegler

57th District
Jean A Falbo

59th District
Will Boettner

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