Representative in Congress

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Republican Party

Occupation: President/Founder, Game Face Inc.

Occupational Background: Small business owner

Educational Background: Newberg High School; BYU, BA

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Board Member: Oregon League of Minority Voters; Special Olympics Oregon; Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation; Oregon International Air Show; former president of Southside Soccer. Volunteer: Good Neighbor Center; Tigard-Tualatin schools; coached 16 youth teams.

Family: Married to Allison Au (25 years), father of three sons, ages 21, 18, 15.

Oregon Jobs: Our #1 Priority

Our next representative should have experience…

Creating jobs and launching careers. Rob has helped 500 job seekers secure employment.

Building consensus. Rob has worked with 400 diverse and nationally known organizations to identify problems and implement solutions.

Meeting a payroll. Ron’s done just that for 195 straight months while, over time, employing 60 people.

Showing fiscal responsibility. Running a successful company for 16 years, Rob knows how to stick to a budget.

The problem in Congress today isn’t a shortage of lawyers. It’s that there aren’t enough consensus-builders who will shun partisan games and focus on creating sustainable jobs.

Simpler and Fairer Taxes

Mega-corporations and the super wealthy use loopholes to avoid taxes. The rest of us get stuck with the bill. Ron’s developed a plan to eliminate corporate loopholes and lower tax rates for everyone, creating more jobs and revenues.

An Independent Voice for Oregon

Rob is running to benefit people, not a party. His widely recognized skills are just what our district needs to grow the economy and promote our strengths. The choice is clear: Elect a conventional political insider and get more of the same, or put Oregon first by choosing a new kind of leader who will champion northwest Oregon in Congress.

Bipartisan Endorsements
District-wide, 20 mayors and hundreds of community and business leaders are voting for Rob Cornilles because they are convinced he is the most qualified and capable to grow our economy and create jobs – for today and tomorrow. Learn more at:


(This information furnished by Cornilles for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722